Modern - Expo Ltd.

Quality of «Modern-Expo`s» production was recognized at state and international levels

Modern-Expo» is the only company in Ukraine, which has got 2 honorary titles («winner» (check-out counters) and «laureate» (shelving system «Columbus») according to the results of the most prestigious national quality goods contest – «100 best goods of Ukraine (2006-2007)» – at the same time.
Participants of the competition could get several more points for their initiative in quality raising direction: the existence of quality politics, usage of energy keeping technologies, making of their production certification, introduction of systems of quality control and of surroundings preservation.
That is interesting, that that was already the second winner award in the nomination «Production for production-technical needs». That title check-out counters of the company got also in 2003. The second reason to be proud of the contest’s results for the company was a shelving system «Columbus» – the unique engineering developments of the company’s specialists, which had combinated the most actual European and American tendencies of shelving building.
It is proved that «Columbus» corresponds to the highest exploitation demands of production of that kind not only in Ukraine, but also at international level. One of the most prestige and recognized documents in the sphere of quality of the world proves it – in October Modern-Expo Company got TŰV Certificate in Czech Republic.