Printed Interior Decoration Conference in Düsseldorf

November, 26 and 27, 2014

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PID can help against showrooming.

Today, many shops selling shoes, clothing and accessories face a new kind of competition - showrooming. This fast-growing phenomenon has gathered pace as a result of increased web sales and the ease of shopping online and returning goods.

Customers search for items on shopping websites, then visit a real store to find a similar item for the look, feel and fit only to make the final purchase online. The shops enjoy a strong footfall but there are less buyers and they lose sales either to their own online shop or web competition.


What can Printed Interior Decoration do about this?

PID can help the physical environment link the shop, its interior and its location. Today, it is important for the physical presence to create the right design, setting, mood and buying experience! However, with PID even more is possible. Hidden messages can be placed in the decoration encouraging shoppers to linger, buy faster or simply offer a buying experience.

The colours, materials and textures of the shops can be perfected with Printed Interior Design. Frequent shop design updates will encourage customers to return more often and spend more readily.

© European Specialist Printing Manufacturer’s Associaton

The Printed Interior Decoration Conference on 26-27 November 2014 at Radisson Scandinavia in Düsseldorf will illustrate the full extent of Printed Interior Decoration (PID) from wall and floor decoration over furniture with customized prints or film wrapping to textile solutions on wall paper, carpets, curtains or upholstery.

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