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Prevent hold-ups with an Air Tube Transport System

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Prevent hold-ups and reduce the shrinkage with the Air Tube Transport System H38 made by HÖRTIG rohrpost !

Many operators of retails have their own experience in the following situation: late in the evening a supposed customer comes to buy something from the shop. To the consternation of the cashier the result is a hold-up. In addition to some goods, the complete cash in hand is taken. With the bi-directional Air Tube Transport System H38 made by HÖRTIG rohrpost Bayreuth, GERMANY you can prevent this.
The System shown at the fair EuroShop in Düsseldorf connects the single checkouts of a supermarket with a safe location (i.e. a safe or the cash-office). Large cash reserves can be transported very easy and quick at any time. The money will be sent in a carrier, which travels automatically.

With the system H38 from the cash-office can send empty carriers or change to the checkouts.

Safety for the staff and cash values in supermarkets, cine-centres, department stores, shopping mails and motorway toll-houses was the priority meanwhile the development of the system by the HÖRTIG engineers.

The PC-controlled system records a sending protocol, the touchless staff-reader identifies the person at the station.
The conveyor tubes can be installed from above, from below or horizontally to the cash-desks, according to the constructual situation.

The favourable effect of the system H38 is, that in the same system stations which can send only and station which can send and receive can be used.

The quality management system of HÖRTIG rohrpost in development, production, installation and service of Air Tube Transport Systems is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 and all systems present a long-standing quality and reliability. In addition, HÖRTIG rohrpost produces other Air Tube Transport Systems for clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, administration and industry. For further information, take a look at the fair EuroShop in Düsseldorf from February 19th - 23rd in hall 6 stand 6H75 or on our homepage

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