Hindsgaul Mannequins A/S

Press Release EuroShop February 2008


Enigmatic… yet femine, strong and self-assured meet the young woman of today ”PURE” part 1.
The brand new naturalistic women’s-collection from Hindsgaul® Mannequins AS. Confidence is the key to this collection.
At EuroShop 2008 Hindsgaul® present the first part of this new concept.
A wide pallet of commercial, easy to handle and “fashion right” positions – graphic icons of today. With a modern twist of theatre and fun, frozen images of todays attitudes “PURE” will boost every sales area and store window.
Two strong faces reflect the modern woman of today and the whole series has been designed and created with the awareness of a healthy body and BMI.
By visiting the Hindsgaul® stand Hall 4 Stand D57 you will have a sneak preview of what to expect.


A silhouette, a discreet touch, an elegant style, a new stylized collection from Hindsgaul®.
For year stylised display mannequins has been used as simple and easy exponents of clothing and trend will continue.

“SILHOUETTES” is ready to be dressed like any other stylised mannequin or for some simply just to be draped.

Roughs and sketches has always been a distinguished way of presenting ideas, directions and attitudes – this is the essence and basic idea behind “SILHOUETTES”. Light and graceful on display in liquid high gloss white…
All to be seen in Hall 4 Stand D57.

“CHRISTIAN” – a mannequin of our time

He radiates masculine sensuality. You are fixed by his eyes, yet you detect a trace of vulnerability. You admire his slim silhouette, but are taken by his powerful build. His name is Christian. He is the latest in a line of successes that have propelled Hindsgaul back among the leaders in the international display arena.
A mannequin acts as a mirror for the shopper, showing the garments at their best without itself being too conspicuous. But it should also encourage dreams. So why not use a face and a body that are already familiar in the world of fashion?
Christian Hald Nielsen is as Danish as they come and known all over the world from numerous front covers in leading magazines such as Man: and advertisements for global brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Prada and Jean-Paul Gaultier and latest H&M.

See for yourself at Hall 4 Stand D57. Meet Christian Live in person Monday the 25th.