Carel S.r.l.


Carel will be presenting its new supervisor, PlantVisor.
PlantVisor allows the control of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems using any web browser. The operator can thus, at any moment and very simply, display the operation of the system on PC using a standard TCP/IP (WAN) connection.
Internet technology in fact means that PlantVisor can be used as if it were a web site, to monitor and control the system in real time. In addition, the system's graphics can be simply customised by the users, even if they are not expert programmers, or, upon request, by Carel developers.
Any information relating to the system, including alarms, can be displayed on the web intranet, including in the form of graphs, and sent to an external telemaintenance centre.
In this way, the risk of food products being spoilt is minimised, and service and maintenance costs are reduced.