Pivot Pricer™

The Pivot Pricer provides a unique system for pricing in a neat, nice and easy way. The system is made up of a plastic plate with seven turnable plastic sticks in a contrasting colour. With those seven sticks or segments you can make every number from 0 to 9. Since we make the Pivot Pricer in many colours and in sizes from 30 to 240 mm, they can be used for pricing anything from apples to petrol. The digit plates or modules are mounted on a plate, “module holder” or in a profile.

Since last EuroShop we have developed the versatility of this system even further. Instead of having to work with two separate parts we are making “all in one” solutions with digit modules and back plates/module holders hinged together. So far we have made this version for four sizes, first of all the small 30PPmm.