HL Display AB (publ)

Pictoria Prestige

HL Display has been manufacturing poster frames for many years in its own factories. Now the time has come for a new generation of frames which will emphasise your message even more as their design adds that little extra which will boost your sales. Pictoria Prestige has a modern design attracting even more attention with its convex frame and antireflection coated protective plastic covers. Available in sizes from 700x500mm up to 1,200x800mm.

Pictoria Prestige is equipped with a patented lock system called Slide-Lock™ which makes changing posters very easy. The protective plastic covers are bent upwards and sealed at the bottom of the frame protecting the poster from water. One of the great advantages of this frame series is that you can choose your own design on the top sign and customise it to create coherent messages using your own logotype or a specific colour.

The high-quality frames are made of aluminium and impact resistant plastic. They are delivered as flat-packs for ease of transport.

Pictoria Prestige - The Benefits:

Increased visual impact The convex message area greatly improves readability and impact of the exposed message.
Slide-Lock, New innovative frame lock, making message changes quicker and easier
Water proof plastic cover protects the poster from humidity.
Top header for eye catching graphics provides both exclusivity and possibility to personalise the frame.