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Starting with our goal: “The perfect synthesis of emotional, vitalized architecture and maximized functionality” describes Wolfgang Gruschwitz, the founder and owner of the Gruschwitz Ltd as his eyes are sparkling. Maybe that exact sparkle in his eyes is the secret, which distinguishes the company from others, because the successful businessman Wolfgang Gruschwitz kept the curiosity, creativity and the enthusiasm of a little boy inside him. Shopping should be fun, should be an experience and the staff should have fun serving the customer in the store. Therefore his team of 18 people is always looking for new solutions to satisfy those requirements.

Professional know-how is natural for the team of the Gruschwitz Ltd, as well as the distinctive team spirit. Everybody has there own talent and ability which is introduced individually into operation of the team. Thus individual conceptions for the customer can be generated.
Through cooperative dialogs with the customer, unconventional ideas are also possible to discuss and to be realized.

The device of the Gruschwitz Ltd is to become specialist in a variety of different tasks, as in architecture, as a consultant, in the store design, in the revitalization or creating a conception. According to a large and effective network every challenge will be handled by a specialist.

But the architecture is not enough. We are observing the whole composition, the atmosphere and vibrations – the entirety matters, illustrates the 45 year old construction engineer Wolfgang Gruschwitz.

Our Philosophy is like a brand, combined with an image. Products, services or persons – everything and everybody could be stylized to a brand. A brand serves as a guideline. Real brands offer security and trust in its strength. They claim for reliability, since they are also vulnerable. Image can be built, can be changed but also could be destroyed and denunciated.

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