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Pharmaceutical group CERP Lorraine chooses Aldata

Another success for G.O.L.D. Vocal in a PDA environment

Several times a day, the pharmaceutical distributor CERP Lorraine delivers to the pharmacies of 27 French departments from its 14 distribution centres.

In view of European legislation concerning traceability in the area of health, CERP Lorraine decided to equip its order preparation operators with G.O.L.D. Vocal in a PDA environment to obtain traceability information during preparation, without a loss of productivity and with the aim of decreasing the rate of errors.

Mr Lopez, IT Manager of CERP Lorraine, explains why this innovative solution was selected:

"The G.O.L.D. Vocal PDA was chosen for several reasons: the multimodal possibilities of this terminal in data capture and retrieval encouraged us to envisage the PDA on different warehouse workstations, and not only on that of the order preparation operator. Also, the use of a speech recognition engine will help in the training of new order preparation operators."

He adds: "Aldata impressed us with their knowledge of our logistics business, the high level of parameterisation and the ease of implementation of their G.O.L.D. Vocal software and their implementation methodology. The implementation of a proof of concept model reassured us as to the acceptance of future users of this preparation process".

G.O.L.D. Vocal will be operational on the first site in January 2008. Deployment on other sites will be completed before the end of 2008.