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Perspex® launches new Metropolitan range – a new take on style and the city

Perspex® Metropolitan is the latest innovative addition to the Lucite International portfolio.

Combining a transparent sheet with a striking and highly defined edge effect, Perspex® Metropolitan creates the ultimate in city style.

Urban collection

The new range is launched in four stylish monotone edge colours – a collection designed to help designers, architects and interior stylists create their own take on urban appeal.

• Manhattan Black – a deep intense black with high definition
• Moscow White–a subtle white to lighten the mood
• London Grey – a sophisticated grey to add texture and depth
• Tokyo Brown - a contemporary brown to warm the palette

Style savvy

Perspex® Metropolitan has a style-savvy look that is ideal for a number of applications.
From creating the perfect point of sale display that shows a product to perfection to use in simple and ultra modern shelving, Perspex® Metropolitan is the model material for fashioning sleek and sophisticated interior design and creating specially commissioned artworks and architectural pieces.

Perspex® Metropolitan can help create a look that epitomises the very best in city chic. The combination of clean, modern, transparent acrylic with a simple yet highly defined edge effect creates a striking look that delivers its own unique style.

Perfectly polished

What defines Perspex® Metropolitan from other materials is that the coloured edge effect is inherent in the sheet - so that whatever cutting and finishing method is used - diamond or flame polishing, laser cutting or simple buffing, you can create a beautifully polished finish and striking edge effect whatever the size, shape or application.

As Perspex® Metropolitan can be easily cut, line bent and fabricated using traditional tooling, the creative possibilities are almost limitless.

And because it’s Perspex®, you can be sure that whatever the application, Perspex® Metropolitan will continue to look good, in step with the city.

Flexible options

Perspex® Metropolitan is available in 3050mx2030mm sheet sizes and 3mm and 5mm thicknesses; perfect for most applications.

And, if customers require something more than our standard range of four stylish monotone colours, we can produce bespoke edge colours and thicknesses to meet exact needs.

Getting technical help or product advice is easy – just contact one of our Perspex® professionals and we’ll advise you on getting the very best out of Perspex®

For more information on Perspex® Metropolitan contact your nearest Perspex® authorised distriubutor or contact Lucite International – telephone +44 (0) 1254 874000 or email