Puritron Technology Inc.

PT-150 Series New Release

Our latest and innovative PT-150 is the whole new design FANLESS all-in-one POS terminal, specifically for multi-purpose POS and Panel PC applications with a stainless front bezel and optional with complete peripherals.
Fanless innovation brings noise-free and less moving components to increase reliability. It can be easily configured with all of your specific prerequisites along with alternatively configuring them to become integrated with dual screen, customer display, thermal receipt printer, and/or Magnetic Stripe Reader. This slim and compact All-in-One POS terminal is configured with an Intel 852GM motherboard, supports Intel Ultra Low Voltage 600MHz or up to 1GHz CPU, is designed to have a low power consumption, and long life cycle guarantee.
To assure and guarantee this product’s eminence, PT-150 are verified with vigorous testing in a 40°C chamber for up to 72 hours burn in testing, with space-limited applications, and adapts to low power consumption, which allows your system to endure continuous operations while in a hostile environment.