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PRISMEX - Making Light Perform
One of the most exciting products to be recently added to the PERSPEX range is PRISMEX - a new technology to make light perform as never before. PRISMEX is creating wide interest amongst designers and specifiers of signs and lighting as well as retailers, architects and corporate clients.

PRISMEX features a patented dot matrix screen printed on to a PERSPEX panel, reflecting light across the panel to produce brilliant even illumination without the banding effect of conventional back lit signs.

Because the light source is positioned at the edge of the panel rather than behind, it is possible to reduce display profiles dramatically to create lighter slimmer constructions. And because PRISMEX requires the use of fewer, smaller lamps, PRISMEX units are more energy efficient and therefore more cost effective. PRISMEX is ideal for a whole range of sign display and POP applications and gives a unique combination of excellent light emission, superb image reproductions and cool slim design which is making it one of today's leading materials.