POS Tuning Udo Voßhenrich

POS T- Automatic Feed The Revolution in Goods Presentation und Shelf Maintenance

The eternal dream of having a perfectly organized and sales motivating goods presentation, which, at the same time is low maintenance, can now be fulfilled!

After the POS T-Automatic Feed made its spectacular entrance at the 1999 EuroShop, it has been installed and used in many of the most advanced commercial enterprises.

The function of the POS T-Automatic Feed: A small, overall compatible component for shelves which, after every sale action, pushes the remaining goods by means of an automatic spring mechanism, to the front of the shelf.

Many corporate companies as well as small businesses have taken this product and given it a thorough work through. The result is unanimous:

Consumers have a better overall view of the organized shelf
Traders (and industry) have lower maintenance costs
Retailers are happy about the increased turnover and profits!

After, for example, practically the whole of the tobacco trade changed over to using the POS T-Automatic Feed, increasing numbers of new users are using clear language:

The POS T-Automatic Feed has crossed all frontiers!

Chemists, Self Service markets, convenience Stores, specialist stores, pharmacies, have all been enthusiastic about the new presentation method. In particular, the easy handling and reduced maintenance time of shelves is highlighted. The constantly clean, clear appearance of all products at the front of the shelf has been a well talked about advantage.

POS T-System Tray – The Sales and Transport package for the 21st Century!

The use of the POS T-Automatic Feed in combination with the POS T-System Tray is the optimal in shelf maintenance and presentation. The unique product-packing serves as a all-in–one sales and transport package. The products are constantly pushed to the shelf front by the POS T-Automatic Feed, which sits in the POS T-System Tray.

Particularly for products, which are already sold from trays, the POS T-System Tray connects the important function of the supply chain from packaging up to placement on the shelf.
Also for ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) the system represents a revolution in packaging, shelf maintenance and goods presentation!

As well as many other awards the POS T-System Tray has received the: „Word Star for Packaging Awards“.