PENTAPLEX – Digital Video Recorder

PENTAPLEX is a particularly powerful and advanced digital video recording (DVR) system incorporating a high performance compression algorithm (Wavelet) to reduce storage needs. PENTAPLEX has many valuable features, but one of the most powerful is the ability to PLAYBACK, NETWORK, BACKUP and view LIVE pictures whilst still RECORDING on all cameras. The powerful software suite is designed for flexibility whilst maintaining case of use. Although provided with a wealth of facilities, the PENTAPLEX is simple to set up and operate, the controls being largely intuitive.

• Real time record, play, view, archive & transmit
• Playback while recording
• 50 ips @ full resolution
• Video transmission
• Networkable
• Full remote operation
• Dynamic motion detection
• Integration with existing system

TEB has a vast range of digital recorders to adapt to every video surveillance application, from the simplest PC acquisition card in small installations to totally integrated solutions, each element of the range possesses their own functions: storage capacity, playback modes, and transmission of images. TEB brings a global approach to the security requirements of its customers offering a solution geared to the needs, from design through to implementation.