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Euroshop, Düsseldorf, 19 - 23 February 2005 - Advanced technology, highest functionality and reliability, attractive design: Panorama Led range shares Coemar's peculiar main features.
Euroshop is going to be the smart background for a pair of outstanding new products - Panorama Led RGB and Panorama Led White, two Led-technology professional projectors suitable to perform the best in most applications, especially outdoor: architectural and urban applications, amusement parks and circuses, exhibitions, theatres, convention centres, cruise ships, tourist and resorts precincts, orchestras, musicals and touring, fashion catwalks.
Panorama Led RGB is highly recommended for TV studios, disco and entertainment venues, concerts and events; Panorama Led White is the ultimate solution for halls, shopping malls, schools, churches, hotels and restaurants as well as interior decoration.
Their technical specifications blink: 36 luxeon leds (1W each; declared lamp life 100.000 hours) luminous source, step zoom, dimmer, strobe, built-in automated functions (even without controller), remote control, DMX 512, DR1 compatibility, IP66 protection rating. Weight and dimensions are quite suitable, as well as friendly user interface and transportation/installation features: Panorama Led RGB and Panorama Led White definitively integrate Coemar's outdoor projectors range (conventional lamp equipped Panorama Cyc 250, Panorama Cyc 250C and Panorama Cyc Power are also available).

Corporate profile
Since 1933 Coemar project and manufacture projectors and lighting systems for architectural and urban applications, theatres, clubs, broadcasting and convention centres, live events. Skilled know how, advanced engineering, competence and best designers make Coemar a multinational "lighthouse” in creative lighting systems, leading innovation all over the world.

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