Herbert Retail

Order Xpress

At EuroShop 2002 Herbert Retail will be launching in Europe the Order Xpress family of kiosk software applications. Running on an interactive multimedia kiosk, Order Xpress is a forward ordering application based on an intuitive graphic interface that achieves queue reduction, improved customer service and increased sales.

Customers wishing to avoid queues at service counters, for example a supermarket deli, can place their order using Order Xpress’ easy to use interface, take a printed receipt / order number and continue with their shopping. The receipt asks them to pick up their order at a collection point after a short, specified time delay. In the meantime, a remote printer, located behind the deli and, typically linked to the kiosk by RF or Ethernet, gives the staff details of the order, which they then fulfil and place at the collection point.

Order Xpress is, crucially, a proven concept, which has been improving sales and customer service at a number of leading US grocery chains since 1999. In this competitive market, retailers have seen sales increases of over 30% from some service counters, largely as a result of reduction in “walkaways”, increased order size and up-selling high margin goods.

Retailers also benefit by customers spending more time browsing in-store rather than waiting in queues! Herbert Retail’s USA partner, InterMedia Inc. already has Order Xpress systems operating in over 300 locations in the US, with installations in over a dozen chains of supermarket, grocery and convenience stores and food service / hospitality outlets.

Chris Evans, Herbert Retail’s Director of Sales & Marketing commented, “We are confident that the proven returns on investment that our systems offer make Order Xpress a very attractive proposition for retailers and distributors across Europe.”