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Oechsle and IMCo are presenting a world premiere: Intelligent product pusher reduces stock losses


The patented intelligent product pusher detects sweeping by professional shoplifters off store shelves. An alarm goes off at the shelf and wireless information is relayed to store detectives.


Field studies revealed that more than 50% of all stock losses from hot products such as mascaras, razor blades and facial creams are caused by professional shoplifters. They focus on hot products, stealing huge quantities of them. In short: 80% of all stock losses are caused by 20% of the products. Consequently, these products need special protection.

Product Description

The brand new intelligent product pusher monitors each product removal and compares the buying patterns of honest shoppers with the sweeping patterns used by professional shoplifters. Whenever a professional shoplifter is identified, an acoustic alarm goes of at the point of sale and wirelessly at a mobile receiver. Thus personnel can quickly and quietly detain the thief before he or she leaves the store. All parameters have been optimised in lengthy trials to avoid false alarms.

Attempts to manipulate this surveillance system get recognised and trigger an alarm.

Another feature acts as a deterrent to non-professional shoplifters: Each removal causes a quite beep. The beep irritates shoplifters as they do not know what sort of electronic surveillance is active. Interviews with honest shoppers showed that they had no problem with this muted removal beep.

The system can monitor up to 300 facings. The installation follows the plug-and-play approach. No ongoing maintenance is needed.

A first comprehensive test by the leading German drugstore dm resulted in massive stock loss reductions. Sales increased as there were less out-of-stocks due to shoplifting.

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