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OSRAM adds a drop shape to its range of halogen lamps

New name for proven quality: OSRAM Halogen Energy Saver to be renamed OSRAM Halogen Eco in autumn 2010
A new member has been added to the range of halogen products from OSRAM: in addition to the classical bulb, candle and spotlight shapes, the halogen lamps are now also available in a drop shape with 18 W, 28 W and 42 W. The halogen lamp series will also acquire a new name on September 1, 2010: in future, OSRAM's halogen lamps will be known as OSRAM Halogen Eco

With the drop-shaped Halogen Eco, OSRAM is adding another product to its popular and established series of halogen lamps. As a result, the series now includes the right OSRAM Halogen Eco lamp for all tastes and every possible area of use.
OSRAM's Halogen Eco line makes it even easier for consumers to say goodbye to the good old light bulb – while helping to protect the environment at the same time. The OSRAM Halogen Eco products provide an attractive, pleasant light with natural color rendering (Ra:100) and constant brightness. The lamps do not contain any mercury whatsoever, can be dimmed 100 percent by all customary household dimmers and instantly deliver their full light without any delay.
The name has been changed from OSRAM Halogen Energy Saver to OSRAM Halogen Eco on account of the EU Directive, for only lamps of energy efficiency class A can from September 1, 2010 be called energy-saving lamps. Due to their good light quality and a lamp life that is twice as long as that of conventional bulbs, the halogen lamps from OSRAM will remain a bestseller, even with their new name.