Checkpoint Systems GmbH

OATSystems Launches ATA Spec 2000 Compliant Solution for Aerospace Manufacturers and Maintenance and Repair Providers

First Customers Implement Latest Version of RFID Asset Tracking Solution
to Streamline Processes and Reduce Administrative Costs

WALTHAM , MA— OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), today announced the latest version of its RFID Asset Tracking Solution, which complies with the Air Transport Association (ATA)’s Spec 2000 standard.
OAT also announced that its first set of customers will be tagging and tracking component parts subject to ATA Spec2000 at the point of manufacture. OATSystems will provide the complete solution to generate a unique birth record for each part and to capture the part manufacturing details and ongoing maintenance history on a high-memory RFID tag, which will be attached to the part through its useful life.
Established by 12 international industry associations representing airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and repair agencies, ATA Spec 2000 enables information exchange between key stakeholders involved in the manufacture, repair and operation of commercial and military aircraft. By embedding information directly on an RFID tag that is attached to the part, its history is always readily available at any point in the part’s service life. This is particularly important for maintenance and repair organizations (MRO), which may not have Internet access in the field; the information is easily obtained directly from the tag without any connectivity issues. The system is specifically tailored to the airline industry's growing needs for tracking part origin/procurement and maintenance and repair history in order to ensure part documentation accuracy and aircraft safety.
In addition to providing manufacturers and MROs with a straightforward way to comply with ATA Spec 2000, OATSystems’ solution also offers an entry point for those who want to implement RFID across their operations to obtain enhanced asset visibility and automation of business processes. OAT Systems’ Asset Tracking Solution is built on the OAT Foundation Suite, which enables suppliers to expand their use of RFID tags for additional benefits throughout their operations.
More specifically, OATSystems’ Asset Tracking Solution provides the following:
• Compliance pack: ATA Spec 2000 compliance solution enables part “birth record” creation and maintenance history tracking.
• Integration pack: Built-in integration interfaces for faster, more cost-effective deployments with existing enterprise systems.
• Value added pack: Leverages existing out-of-the-box RFID asset tracking workflows tailored to the unique needs of A&D manufacturers and contractors, providing enhanced supply chain visibility and asset management.
From the moment the part is first created and its birth record is established, OATSystems’ solution begins to track key information. Continuing through supply chain operations, stakeholders at each step all have access to that information throughout the part’s lifetime, whether it is moving between facilities in shipping and receiving processes or being installed, inspected, removed or repaired.
“We are pleased to provide an ATA Spec 2000-compliant solution,” said Prasad Putta, general manager, OATSystems and executive vice president, Merchandise Visibility. “This is the logical and natural outgrowth of our expertise established from hundreds of RFID manufacturing and logistics deployments, including those at multiple aerospace and defense firms.”
OATSystems’ latest version of its RFID Asset Tracking Solution, which complies with the Air Transport Association (ATA)’s Spec 2000 standard, is available immediately.