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Nordic ID proudly introduces you its new, flexible and unique solutions in the field of Mobility and auto-ID at EuroShop stand G64 Hall 6

Nordic ID proudly introduces you its new, flexible and unique solutions in the field of Mobility and auto-ID. Visit the Nordic ID stand G64 Hall 6 at Euroshop 2008.

Here are some reasons to visit:

Discover our latest innovation:

Nordic ID Morphic

The convertible and comfortable two-in-one device that revolutionizes work on the shop floor: for some a mobile phone utilizing VoIP technology, for some an efficient and fast-to-integrate mobile computer. The all-embracing Nordic ID Morphic fulfils all needs. Read more

Detect the genius RFID range

Our RFID products Nordic ID PL3000 Advanced UHF and PL3000 Advanced HF complement the Nordic ID product lines by following the same extreme ergonomics yet offer an even wider read range than before. With the Nordic ID product platform even the newest products are compatible with the already existing applications, hence proving again the true future proof of our offering.

Fine-tune the mobility with the help of Nordic ID Solutions

The newest Nordic ID product offering includes a variety of software tools to add value to our hand-held units out of the box. Let us introduce you to remote control and different implementation related tools as well as our application support tools.


End User aid and security featuring:
• Remote Management, Remote Control and Guidance.
• Application auto start functionalities for already integrated as well as third party programs.
• Link monitoring utility for maintaining the network connection (WIFI, GPRS always on).
• Key backlight guidance for user training or even fool-proofing.
• Power and network availability monitoring utility.

Your imagination is the limit

Visit our stand to see the newest imaginable technologies in the field of electronic signage, electronic paper, temperature monitoring among other shop floor applications.

Featured applications:

• Nordic ID mWMS.
• Nordic ID RF6xx Emulator.
• Electronic Signage.
• Temperature Monitoring System.
• Terminal Emulation.
• SAP Web Console support.

We look forward to meet you in Düsseldorf. If you have any questions or remarks in advance, or if you’d like to schedule personal time during the shows, please don’t hesitate to get in touch a.s.a.p.

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