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Nordic ID has expanded its PL3000 product platform with HF RFID features

Nordic ID Advanced HF

Nordic ID is continuously developing its product portfolio. The company is specialized in RFID technology-based handheld terminals. Nordic ID has expanded its PL3000 product platform with HF RFID, which is perfect for industries with a challenging environment where other RF-based identification methods are not operating. The HF RFID is most suitable for item level tracking in say, pharmacies, food processing or the healthcare industry. The Nordic ID PL3000 with HF RFID has already been tested in several applications, e.g. Orion Pharma’s packaging management.

Various companies are starting or already have technology projects targeting the better flow and availability of information. At the same time, the identification of articles is becoming more important. RFID technology occupies the identification and tracking process in markets. With RFID, items or people are identified using special radio tags, which are read with RFID readers, mobile or stationary. When the tags pass through a Radio Frequency (RF) field of a reader, they send their own information to the reader, thereby identifying the object or person to which they are attached.

The most common RFID applications at the moment are in supply chain management. Usually these applications record information concerning delivered products in manufacturing, information collection for received and sent goods in logistics and gathering information about goods in retail environments. Nordic ID has expanded its PL3000 product platform with high-frequency (HF) RFID features. HF has advantages over other frequencies (such as UHF RFID) by being able to read and write a tag in the presence of liquids and other obstructions. HF technology’s near-field inductive coupling has an excellent immunity to environmental noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The benefit of HF technology is that it is the same band which is available worldwide.

The Nordic ID PL3000 with the HF RFID reader is designed to ensure performance. Healthcare organizations and pharmacies have started many pilot projects with RFID involvement. In healthcare, the importance of patient identification is paramount. The handheld device is bringing enhanced safety to daily functions in hospitals. It reduces mistakes and improves patient safety by making sure that the patients get the right treatment at the right time. Improved communication will keep hospital personnel connected and help them to reduce errors by having up-to-date information from the hospital’s backend system. Aligning accurate data with the correct patient is essential in healthcare, whether or not technology is applied. RFID will ensure easy and fast identification of patients and medicines, and thus strengthen the level of care making the administration of the drugs safe and easy.

In the PL3000 Nordic ID has combined powerful data collection, processing and storing capacity with a variety of wireless communication technologies, including WLAN and Bluetooth for local environments and GPRS or GSM for a wide area of applications. In addition to the RFID reader, the PL3000 can be equipped with barcode and 2D code readers. All the functionalities are integrated into a highly ergonomic and user friendly mobile instrument. The same system can include barcodes and RFID tags. The device can read both as well as write on tags allowing you to transfer information from barcode to RFID tag conveniently on site. New standards can be added by remotely managed software updates, which ensure support for the future and secures the investment by extending the product’s life-cycle.

Nordic ID is a company with 20 years of experience in handheld terminal development and
is one of the leading companies of its type in Europe.

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