Nils Retail BV

Nils Retail BV introduces revolutionary LED-system for the supermarket branch

On the eve of EuroShop 2008, Nils Retail B.V. introduces a revolutionary dynamic LED lighting system. The lighting system contributes in an inspiring and intelligent way to reduction in CO2 emissions through energy efficient technology as well as better lighting control in supermarkets and other retail businesses.
The dynamic concept differentiates itself by also being an effective marketing tool. It offers retail storeowners the possibility to optimally illuminate products in terms of colour, intensity and activity thanks to its user-friendly control system. This unique LED concept includes tools to adjust the ambience and emphasize certain products, and hence influence turnover. At present, the dynamic lighting system is used in cooling and freezer cabinets in supermarkets. During 2008, it will be further implemented for more in-store concepts. Visit for additional information.