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Nils Retail - New marketing techniques for supermarkets

Selling starts by attracting a buyer’s attention. A product must stand out. Only then can you get your message across. The message – on product or packaging – must appeal, and everything is done to convincingly present it. And here is the dilemma; the product shares shelf space with many others, all seeking shoppers’ attention.

Until recently, possibilities to attract attention were limited and time consuming. Making special displays for product introductions and offers is costly. And dedicated spotlights need a suitable store location and technical modifications – and are very static. Such limitations make it difficult to differentiate products.

Apart from grabbing attention, storeowners also need to create an appealing ambience to keep customers longer in the store for communicating and impulse buying. Ambience is determined by lighting and color, but the lighting must also illuminate products on the shelves. Overhead lighting is dominant, and neither appealing nor relaxing – thanks to the flickering in fluorescent lighting. The lighting dilemma is worse for fresh product departments as the UV and IR in fluorescent and halogen lighting decreases shelf life.

Innovative LED technology creates new possibilities. There is no conflict of lighting functions as both functions of the new LED lighting system can be individually determined: product illumination on the one hand and in-store ambiance on the other. Product illumination is central for Nils Dynamic Shelf Lighting systems, but they do much more than illuminate products on the shelf. Via an intelligent control system (centrally or locally located), light and effect can be adjusted.

The Nils ULTRA system provides dynamic marketing possibilities. It enables organizations to individually draw attention to certain products on a shelf by varying the color, intensity and timing at preset times. Supermarket chains can even centrally manage promotional actions in the branches. Manufacturers can also use the possibilities, for example, by specifying optimal lighting settings for their products.

In virtually all fittings, including cooling and freezer cabinets, optimal product lighting conditions can be created. LEDs can even be positioned close to fresh products without risk of them prematurely going off. Light can be projected from the front and above, enabling cascade-like constructions to be illuminated. Another benefit is the freedom to modify the store lighting for atmosphere or energy efficiency.

By using the latest LEDs, Nils ensures its products have very low energy consumption (80% less than fluorescent lighting). This, plus reduced product waste and lower maintenance costs, speeds up the payback time. Nils Retail also offers simpler LED shelf lighting systems such as the VARIO variation that is fully color and intensity adjustable but controlled per shelf. The MONO variation can be fully dimmed, and offers three shades of white. It illuminates the product face as well as the shelf compartment.

If you wish to know more about these unique marketing opportunities and lighting techniques, visit: or visit stand E37 in Hall 14 during EuroShop 2008 (Düsseldorf, 23 to 27 February 2008).