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Newland releases the world’s first 2D-barcode decoding chip

November 11th, 2010, Newland announced in the Beijing International Hotel that Newland Computer has developed the world’s first 2D-barcode decoding chip.

In the post-financial-crisis era of economic globalization, “Internet Of Things” becomes one of the national strategic emerging industries which will be cultivated and developed by the Chinese government. This in order to promote the transformation of the economic development mode in China. In the light of these developments, the world’s first 2D-barcode decoding chip with completely independent intellectual property rights will be launched today.
The achievement of the 2D-barcode decoder chip indicates not only that Newland has reached a whole new level in 2D barcode reading technology, but also that a Chinese company has stepped into the world's leading ranks for 2D barcode core technology.

Based on innovative research and design, the traditional software decoding technology has been transformed into hardware decoding on the 2D barcode decoding chip by adopting a large scale programmable logic circuit. As a result, the decoding speed can be increased by more than 10 times compared to software decoding technology. Furthermore, the reading efficiency can be greatly increased meanwhile simplifying the peripheral circuits and the components of the original decoding hardware. This increases reliability and reduces basic costs and power consumption. First of all, the 2D barcode decoding chip simplifies the design of professional barcode reading equipment, creates more powerful performance and will lower pricing. Secondly, this technology reduces the barrier of 2D barcode technology in non-professional information terminal equipment (such as 2D barcode reading in cell-phones). Based on the 2D barcode decoding chip, Newland provides the market and various “Internet Of Things” applications with updated products with a high performance / cost ratio, creating yet another competitive edge, while promoting the innovation of the “internet of things” application and business model. It is really one of the major achievements in the “Internet Of Things” industry.

Sensing and identification is the core technology in the industry of “Internet Of Things”. Barcode technology and especially the 2D barcode technology is the most important component of this sensing and identification technology. For many years, 2D barcode core technology was occupied by a few companies in developed countries, which restricted the development and applications of 2D barcode technology in China. Newland stepped into the area of barcode technology in 1999 and with untiring and relentless independent innovation, Newland mastered the international level of 2D barcode reading with complete independent intellectual property and developed a full range of 2D barcode (also 1D barcode) reading engines and data collectors. Newland now takes the lead with the development of the world’s first 2D barcode decoder chip with complete independent intellectual property and with 120 patents concerning 2D barcode decoding chip technology.