Newland Europe

Newland announces strategic cooperation with Datalogic

Fuzhou, China, November 11, 2010 – Chinese AIDC leader, Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd announced its strategic cooperation with renowned Global AIDC leader Datalogic S.p.A, at a press conference today in Beijing, China.
This relationship aims to complete Newlands domestic product portfolio with Datalogic’s excellent high quality products and for Datalogic this is a further step into Asia. Both companies leverage on their unique strengths in an effort to bring advanced AIDC technologies to customers in the region.

In 2010, Newland and Datalogic began to work together, due to Newland’s commitment to technological innovation and leadership in the Greater China region. Both companies also share a similar global outlook, a cultural “hands-on” approach to the market and desire to grow through the development of products meeting the needs of customers in this region; factors which provide a strong foundation for the relationship. With the strategic cooperation now in place, both companies will bring advanced AIDC technologies to the market.

“In the area of imaging technology, we share a common vision,” stated Peter H. Sliedrecht, CEO of Newland Europe BV & Newland Taiwan Inc. “Datalogic is a global leader in the AIDC Industry. Together, we will combine these strengths and better serve our customers by developing next generation products featuring our unique 2D decoding technologies.”
Through this cooperation, both Newland and Datalogic expect to better serve their customers with more application specific products and a deeper support network. Newland will also be able to promote selected Datalogic products in major projects and through its distribution network, which will be an outstanding addition to Datalogic’s already established network in the Greater China region.
Additionally, both companies begin to collaborate on the development of specialized technologies and products which meet global needs. For this Datalogic will launch a program to incorporate Newlands imaging technology into some of its products and will leverage on the technical and manufacturing advantages of Newland in China to lower costs.

Parties are certain; this alliance will give both companies a stronger presence in the Greater China region and around the world.