New range of Digipryn DVRs

TEB Product Division has introduced a new range of Digipryn DVRs. Designed for system from 8 to 250 cameras as standard Digipryn integrates major break through technology like Matrix redundant System, 25ips/full CIF/per channel, Data recording and tracking function.
Digipryn® DVR ensures an optimal picture quality with 25 ips per channel in Full CIF resolution. Models start from 8 channels to 250 cameras on the same system.
Benefiting from cutting edge Technology MSRS (Matrix Switcher Redundant System), Digipryn® has been designed to provide almost unlimited expansion capabilities.
Digipryn® MSRS enables the full operation of the system even during maintenance of any individual Digipryn within the system.
Another major break through of Digipryn® V5 is the capability to record, search and link Video with data, which enables end-users to record Meta Data such as POS information, industrial process, Account number, any transaction, access control or ANPR. You just have to click on the event and view the video linked to it.
Digipryn V5 comes with a RS485 output to control any TUB camera® or BULLE camera®/Speed dome camera without any additional hardware.
With Digipryn® V5, TEB also provide a powerful DVR with full duplex audio transmission for remote video centre and 8 synchronised video/audio channels to guarantee non challenging evidence between audio and video.

Digipryn V5 still benefits from a dual compression: MPEG4 and/or JPEG on each channel. TEB recommends using JPEG compression for TUB Camera® /BULLE Camera® and MPEG4 compression for Static camera.
For additional flexibility and increased system integration, Digipryn® V5 is a fully hybrid DVR. It can record analogue and IP cameras simultaneously. Digipryn® V5 is also ready to take advantage of the latest mega pixel camera technology.
With EVT function (Easy Video Transfer), you transfer secured video without having the need to download any specific software to view the video while still providing integrity of the video recorded.