Forbo-Linoleum B.V.

New collections in 2005

Introduction Novilon 2005
Forbo introduces the new Novilon 2005 collection, which consists of 3 qualities: Nova, Viva and Prima. All of these products are manufactured with the Diamond Seal lacquering and the AquaGrip safety feature, ensuring hardness, scratch resistance and durability next to excellent non slip performance. All collections have been updated with new contemporary designs in all categories; wood, all over prints and tiles. Nova also has a new mattened rustic embossing for all relevant designs. In the Novilon family Forbo now also introduces Noviflor; based on SolidCore technology. Four new qualities have been developed in a superior price/quality performance. Designs of Noviflor are modern; bestsellers in wood, tiles and all overs.

Introduction Marmoleum Global 2
Forbo launches a new linoleum collection Marmoleum Global 2. This collection represents a one-stop-solution for architects, designers, facility managers, wholesalers and retailers. Marmoleum Global 2 is a complete range with an extensive choice in designs and product features such as acoustic and dissipative linoleum as well as non-marbled designs to enable creative freedom in function and design for every one. All items have ForboŽs new Topshield finish, the biggest breakthrough in linoleum, presenting a quantum leap in appearance retention. It reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring lowest costs and a better appearance. Forbo's multicoloured welding rod is now available for all main marble collections. New is GloWeld, a photo luminescent welding rod which stores light during the day and emits it again when it is dark.