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New Website: Actebis Implements e-Spirit Content Management System

Actebis, one of the largest IT distributors in Europe, has chosen e-Spirit ( following the relaunch of the group website, the IT and electronics distributor has now implemented a new version of the German company's website using FirstSpirit, the professional content management system (CMS) from e-Spirit AG. Go-live has been on November 1, 2010. The CMS also includes the Java-based Actebis shop system. In the new web shop, the distributor combines the portfolio of Actebis Peacock and the telecommunication brand NT plus, offering more than 100,000 articles online. Since creating and managing content for the website and shop has been greatly simplified, the new system allows Actebis to meet the needs of its customers and suppliers even better and more efficiently than before. Actebis is also making the editing process more efficient and therefore saving time. The effort required to create or update pages is significantly reduced and information can be published more quickly while maintenance and administrative effort is reduced. FirstSpirit replaces an existing, modified open source solution and will be implemented by all national affiliates and subsidiaries in the future.

Short time-to-market

Editorial tasks with the previous CMS required a precise understanding of the system structure as well as HTML programming know-how. As a result, the support of the IT department frequently had to be enlisted for content development. The editorial process was correspondingly time-consuming and associated with high internal costs. Implementing the FirstSpirit CMS is going to result in fundamental changes: Department editors are now able to create and publish content, even without specialized knowledge and IT support. Their tasks are supported by the WYSIWYG view and the ability to edit directly in the page preview. Templates and formats that are centrally stored in the system make editing even easier and also guarantee that a uniform layout is maintained for all websites across all available output channels. Since FirstSpirit is so intuitive to use, very little training is required. For example, this allows product managers to rapidly publish information and offers through the CMS so that these are made available to customers and partners quickly. Thanks to comprehensive access rights management, the CMS allows administrative and editorial tasks to be shared by several people.

In addition to the short time-to-market for the publication of information and daily promotions on the website optimized with FirstSpirit, the CMS also reduces project implementation times thanks to comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality. After a short training period for the system administrators, Actebis was able to implement the system with its in-house developer resources. Productivity is also enhanced by the fact that maintenance effort is low, so that updates and new features can be installed quickly.

Future-proof platform for customers and manufacturers
Benefits of FirstSpirit included low hardware requirements and depth of integration into the SAP NetWeaver portal, which ensures the seamless integration of the CMS into the company’s SAP infrastructure. The distributor is also able to significantly reduce the numerous tools and user interfaces used in the past, consolidating their functions in the CMS as a uniform platform. For Actebis, the ability to centrally administer content in a single system constitutes an immediate advantage of this reduced redundancy.

“We found the high efficiency and scalability of this future-proof system very convincing,” says Guido Kunze, Team Manager Workflow and Web Design at Actebis. “Thanks to the implementation of FirstSpirit, we are able to develop our internet presence over the long term while achieving major improvements in terms of quality, quantity and timeliness. This makes our online shop and services more attractive to customers and manufacturers, creating potential for sales increases as well as further growth.” The website is therefore transformed into an agile platform, which provides all product and supplier information required by resellers for their purchase decisions and allows them to order goods through the integrated online shop.

The relaunch of the German website, including the shared web shop of Actebis Peacock and NT plus, will be followed by other Actebis Group companies in 2011.

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