New Search Tool on iXtenso

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Rodgau, Germany - 13.11.2007: Today's update of iXtenso, online media for retail and its partners, brought along various novelties of which the new search tool Lucene is most important.

iXtenso’s new search tool is named Lucene and is most commonly known for being used on Wikipedia Online Encylopaedia. Lucene is one of the most modern search algorithms on the world wide web today. It brings along a great deal of benefits for more than 1,400 company partners represented on iXtenso. Users will find their requested articles faster and even more pinpointed than before. This is due to the fact that Lucene provides a qualitative assessment of the content. Thus iXtenso is now providing a ranking of search results, measured by qualitative criteria.

Display of Branch Offices
Together with the launch of Lucene a couple of other technical novelties have been put online in response to requests of various advertising partners. One example is the display opportunity of branch offices. This feature is particularly of interest to those companies that have at least one branch office next to their headquarter. When searching for information, iXtenso users will always arrive on the headquarter entry first. On this entry they will find an overview of branch offices in an info box. This facilitates contacting the local office nearby. Product entries are administered by the headquarter entry only, but can also be viewed with all branch office entries.

Improved Keyword Index
iXtenso’s keyword index comprising 434 keywords at present became a popular searching tool shortly after its was launched in summer 2007. With the latest update this tool can be focused to keywords of a single industry sector. So, users now have the choice whether they want to apply their search by keyword on the whole of the 1,400 company and 1,200 product entries or whether they want to focus their search to a single industry sector.