Electronic Game Card, Marketing,Ltd

New Games for XOGO

Electronic Game Card (OTCBB: EGMI) today unveiled its two latest XOGO GameCards targeting the $150 billion + global sales promotion and direct mail markets at the UK's premier sales promotion event, The National Incentives Show. The two new XOGO GameCards, Treasure Hunt and Shoot Out, continue the XOGO approach of delivering high and enduring levels of awareness to brands by providing versatile and compelling gaming experiences that fully engage the consumer.

Originally launched in June 2004, the initial range of XOGO credit-card-sized GameCards featured the popular instant win card (Match & Win), a points accumulator based card (Points Mean Prizes) and a destination driver card that lets a specific number of plays occur on a daily basis for up to a month (Play a Day).

The newly introduced Treasure Hunt GameCard now brings a skill element to the XOGO range, consumers having to guess where "treasure” is hidden on the touch-pad based, credit-card sized cards.

Meanwhile, the XOGO Shoot Out card has been developed by Electronic Game Card to meet the significant interest from brands, sponsors, and media owners for a soccer themed GameCard.

John Bentley, CEO of Electronic Game Card, commented:
"Following the success of Euro 2004, major brands are already looking over the horizon towards the 2006 World Cup. They recognise XOGOs represent a vibrant development in the market and are excited by what they see. Our latest two cards are strong additions to the range allowing us to progress both the longer lead-time opportunities, as well as the more immediate ones that we are currently engaged on in the retail, travel and financial services markets.”

Like all XOGO GameCards, Shoot Out and Treasure Hunt are entertaining, compelling and fun to play and have been designed so that they can either be integrated into a broader marketing campaign or used in a stand-alone initiative.

Typical commercial objectives that XOGOs have been asked to address include: boosting in-store traffic; driving incremental sales; generating product trials, building a qualified database; improving customer retention; creating membership benefits; supporting brand building efforts; driving online traffic.

In their standard format, XOGOs are roughly the size of a credit card, highly robust and weigh less than one ounce (14g). As such they are totally portable and can be mailed, or placed in or on pack to ensure ease of distribution.

XOGOs are likewise fully customizable in terms of shape, size and game application.

All XOGO GameCards feature proprietary patent-pending technology with sophisticated codes and tamper-proof construction. Additional security measures including individual bar-coding are available. XOGO GameCards are approved by international insurers and U.S. lottery organizations and are digitally encoded to ensure fully-secure prize redemption.