Casio Europe GmbH

New CASIO handheld Terminal with Human-centered Design Approach

The Casio Europe GmbH has released a new grip-type handheld terminal with integrated laser scanner. The new DT-X7 handheld terminal was designed for the use in the retail, transportation and logistics industries and is just perfectly for all scanning procedures inside the post office.

After an intense pursuit of the ultimate in operability, Casio has adopted the concept of human-centered design for interactive systems, based on the internationally recognized ISO 13407 standard. Combining this with practical application of analyses and evaluations collected from users of handheld terminals, Casio has designed a superlative device with easy scanning, an outstanding keyboard, and a natural grip.

The new terminal has an ultra-legible 2.4 inch QVGA transflective color LCD, Bluetooth® 2.0 and IrDA communication interfaces which are standard in all models. DT-X7 is also available with the wireless LAN standards IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g. Important business data can be transmitted safely with WPA security and encryption technologies such as the TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol).

The leading edge of the DT-X7 is angled to enable users to intuitively determine the correct angle of emission for the laser scanner. Further features are a vibration function and a total of three trigger keys to ensuring that scanning can be done comfortably no matter which hand position is preferred.

The keyboard is laid out with the most frequently used keys positioned in reach of the natural movements of the fingers. With improved keystroke design and finger pressure settings, the key touch has been refined to ensure minimal strain for the user. Raised ridges between keys will lower the risk of simultaneously pressing adjacent keys and the four colored function keys make the data input more intuitive. The just 145g light terminal features a rounded and dimpled form that fits naturally in anyone’s palm and allows the fingers to rest firmly in the groove on the back of the case. The dimpled texture on both sides improves grip-ability, and the terminal’s center of gravity is positioned at the center trigger key.

DT-X7 comes with the Windows CE 5.0 operating system pre-installed. The built-in speaker and the operating system enable voice sound output. Voice-based guidance applications can be developed simply by playing audio files, to lead users through operational procedures when inspecting goods or undertaking price checks, etc.

The DT-X7 offers outstanding performance in all sorts of environments, with dust and splash-protection (IP 54 level) and shock-resistant (1 meter), as well as extreme temperature in the range of -10 C to +50 C.

To learn more about the CASIO DT-X7, the lightest WLAN-equipped terminal in its class, go to: