Neschen AG

Neschen strengthens its commitment to its environmentally friendly product line

Neschen AG ranks among the top manufacturers of materials for the graphic industry. It is a tradition at Neschen AG to also feature the best possible environmental compatibility in production. Neschen is setting high environmental standards in areas such as graphics, book protection and repair as well as paper deacidifi cation using the Bückeburger Process.
A good example is the factory-owned water recycling system that feeds the water that is needed for production back into the communal water supply system after it has been treated – this relieves the environment considerably. However, protection of 3Dealing responsibly with valuable resources Neschen strengthens its commitment to its environmentally friendly product line the environment at Neschen does not stop with responsible use of resources during the production process. The products add to the environmentally friendly strategy. It is therefore very sensible to combine our especially environmentally friendly products in one product line: PRO nature. These products are exclusively manufactured from materials that preserve the environment and resources. One material is cotton – a distinctive natural fibre with a warm, pleasant and natural appearance.
The manufacture of cotton does not involve any petroleum products, so once again natural resources are preserved. Another environmental friendly material that we use is polypropylene (PP). Further utilisation is the concept behind, since the raw material for the production of PP is a waste product from petrochemical industry. The disposal of PP is completely ecological because the combustion of this material only produces water and carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide is reduced to a great extent through the use of modern purification plants and filter systems.
Neschen AG will continue to pursue its environmental strategy that was conceived a
long time ago by careful selection of the raw materials and by using the latest production technology and expanding the PRO nature line further. Ask for more information on this product line.