Neschen AG

Neschen launches fabrics with novel coating

Neschen AG has launched a range of new fabrics which use a novel coating that allows both the dye sublimation and other inkjet printing processes to be used without impacting negatively on the fabric’s feel. The colours are said to remain vivid, saturated and vibrant.
DYEtex flag 110 B1 and DYEtex display 220 B1 are pure sublimation media for flags and display systems, while VARItex decoframe 250 B1 CA (250 g/m2, fire certificate B1, CA-certified coating) is a multifunctional decoframe polyester fabric. All three are manufactured entirely in Germany.
Neschen VARItex decoframe gives print companies a genuine alternative to the classic dye-sub method.
This means they can now also use pigmented water-based inks, for example from Epson, HP or Canon, and UV-curing and latex inks.
Myriam Fürhölter, junior product manager for inkjet at Neschen, said: “One fabric for all,” referring to all common digital printing methods. “Irrespective of a print company’s preferred system, it is now able to offer digital fabric printing, too, with immediate effect. By opting for manufacture in Germany, we are also ensuring consistently high quality.”