NEDAP Retail N.V.

Nedap to open Retail Security Label Center in Hong Kong

Only supplier in the world with 100% tested label portfolio
On November 8, Nedap Retail will open a new label center in Hong Kong to capitalize on the steep increase in demand for high-quality EAS labels. With its own Global Label Center in Asia, Nedap Retail will be able to anticipate the specific labeling needs of retailers in the region.
With its 100% tested label portfolio, Nedap is the world's only supplier that guarantees all its labels are individually checked and fully consistent with industry-wide specifications. Using patented Nedap technology, advanced label testers check every label for no less than seven parameters. Labels that do not function properly are replaced immediately.
A separate testing report is generated for every roll of labels and sent to our customers. In this way, Nedap Retail verifies that every single label has been tested.
Benefits for retailers
A growing number of retailers are experiencing the benefits of our 100% tested program. By eliminating faulty labels, we greatly limit malfunctions in stores. Retailers enjoy an immediate cost benefit. Research has shown that 100% tested EAS labels are an essential ingredient of a successful source tagging program.
Avery Dennison
Nedap Retail is able to offer worldwide source tagging support through its cooperation with Avery Dennison.