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Scotsman Ice Systems has been the worldwide leader for ice machines manufacturing since 1950. This means over half a century dedicated to quality and reliability. All machines comply to the European requirements and to the most important regulations. Since July 2006 all models are RoHS compliant.
The new model MFN flake ice machine has been developed in order to offer an improved ice quality with a shape of cylinder (nugget) size of mm.11 extruded as 90% of ice.
The Nugget machines is built in two models; MFNS46 and MFNS56 with a production of 250Kg/24h and 540Kg/24h. External finishing in stainless steel scotch-brite finish. Side panels have rounded corners for enhanced ease of cleaning and aesthetics; top cover in ABS plastic
.Removable side panels on all four sides to ease maintenance and after-sales service operations.
The ice machine can be provided with vertical ice chute that can drive the ice from bottom to top with a special distributor (single or double) to load a display counter.
This solution can help to save time for the preparation of the counter and saving space for storage bins.