Laarhoven design International B.V.


Laarhoven design is to introduce internationally its three new developments at stand 9 D 22 at EuroShop 2002: the LaPlus display with visuals and the LaBox and LaFold brochure holders. In 2001 LaPlus gained the international iF Design Award.
In the course of the trade fair Laarhoven design expects to make new contacts with future distributors of the Laarhoven design products.
EuroShop in Düsseldorf is the largest international trade fair for interior retail design, promotion and sales and is held every three years.

LaPlus display
LaPlus is the lightweight display with visuals. Two square metres of visuals can be set up within 25 seconds. LaPlus is a display with an innovative design, suitable for visuals on paper, textile and plastic. Visuals can be easily applied and changed on the frame, which is made in a single piece. LaPlus can be used for such things as campaign bearer, mobile eye-catcher, point of sale, signpost and information pillar for product promotions, at trade fair stands, in shops, in museums or info centres. n|p|k industrial design developed LaPlus jointly with and commissioned by Laarhoven design. The innovative nature of LaPlus led to Laarhoven design being granted the iF Design Award by the Industrie Forum Design Hannover in January 2001. This is an international cachet of quality in the design world.
Dimensions: 2070 x 750 x 870 mm (h x w x d)

LaBox brochure holder
Following on the succss of LaPlus, n|p|k developed LaBox in the same series. LaBox is a brochure holder that is immediately noticeable because of its ‘honest’ construction and light weight. The holder can be fully assembled in ten seconds and is transported in a matching (lightweight) bag. The pedestal is a clever detail: when the holder is being transported, the pedestal acts as a handle for the bag.
LaBox is made of durable transparent PP foil. This material has the advantage of allowing the holder to be printed in a variety of colours. And LaBox does not necessarily need to be used as a brochure holder. LaBox is available from April 1st.
Dimensions: 580 x 310 x 600 (h x w x d)

LaFold brochure holder
In addition to LaPlus and LaBox n|p|k also signed up to develop LaFold. This is a remarkable product with a robust look and, particularly, a technically innovative type of construction. LaFold consists of four aluminium plates linked together by extrusions. The aluminium extrusions are cleverly integrated into the product. The pedestal is made of polyurethane and provides all the stability that the holder needs. LaFold can be easily set up and is transported in a matching case. LaFold is available from April 1st.
Dimensions: 1480 x 360 x 400 (h x w x d)

Stand Hall 9 D 22
The new products are displayed around the high Laarhoven design stand, with plenty of space for demonstrations and information. One room for discussions has been organised plus a counter for questions and coffee. The 105 m² stand is decorated in the orange and blue house colours. On one side provision has been made for the film showing the construction and completed projects of the LaPlus display.

Laarhoven design
With 9 branches all over the Netherlands, 2 in Germany, 1 in the US and a worldwide network of 65 distributors, for more than 25 years Laarhoven design has been supplying every possible solution for 3-D communications. Laarhoven design uses this three-dimensional communication to give shape to the image, the characteristics and the atmosphere of the products, companies and services. The re-usable display systems meet the need for organising environment-friendly presentations several times per year or for changing presentations quickly. Personal contacts characterise the relations between Laarhoven design and its customers.