Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing: Offline needs to go online

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Many channels lead to sales and Rome was not built in a day. The retail market knows this, too. Thanks to increasing online consumption and the rise of mobile devices, sales also need to increasingly move on to new pastures.

Multichannel Marketing: Offline needs to go online

Interview with Sebastian Diehl, cofounder of Emmas Enkel

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Since October 2011, mom-and-pop’s grandchildren (in German: “Tante Emmas Enkel“ after the German term “Tante Emma Laden“ for a mom-and-pop store), provide a timeless shopping experience. Associates dressed in green aprons, simple wooden wall shelves, paper bags and a “parlor“ on the sales floor provide a rustic ambiance. The whole thing is paired with modern technology and an online shop. This way, nothing is standing in the way of shopping through all channels. Sebastian Diehl, one of the two founders of “Emmas Enkel“ (Emma’s Grandchildren), tells us more about the idea behind the store.

"Our customers also shop online and then offline again"

Interview with Alastair Bruce, Director Retail of Google Germany

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Alastair Bruce is Director Retail at Google Germany. In an EuroCIS interview he tells us which channel of distribution is the safest way to move into the future and how brick and mortar businesses can stand up to online stores.

”Mobile devices will play a more and more important role in the decision making process“