Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Motorola Advances Healthcare Mobility with New Enterprise Digital Assistant

New rugged MC75A0-HC extends mobility to the point of care to help improve patient safety and quality of care

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced its newest mobile computing solution for healthcare – the MC75A0-HC Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). The new MC75A0-HC provides healthcare organizations with a rugged and disinfectant-ready mobility solution to help improve patient care and safety, streamline and error-proof processes, and support a variety of point-of-care applications to bring healthcare quality to a new level.
The new MC75A0-HC introduces the popular EDA form factor to its growing healthcare portfolio and complements the previously announced DS6878-HC cordless 2D imager and the DS6707-HC corded 2D imager – demonstrating Motorola’s commitment to delivering an industry-leading suite of mobility solutions designed to meet specific needs within the clinical environment.
“With the introduction of the new MC75A0-HC EDA, Motorola continues to broaden its portfolio of healthcare-specific solutions to address the needs of mobile workers in rigorous healthcare environments,” said Vivian Funkhouser, principal of global healthcare solutions, Motorola Solutions. “Motorola’s MC75A0-HC addresses top healthcare mobility needs -- offering maximum processing power, rugged design, flexibility, advanced data- capture capability, connectivity options, security and manageability to extend the access of critical information to the patient’s bedside, the nurse’s station, operating room and beyond.”
Easy-to-use, intuitive and ergonomically designed for user comfort, the MC75A0-HC streamlines clinical workflows by enabling mobile workers to access patient information, accurately administer medication, monitor patient vital signs, place pharmacy and lab orders, collect and track specimens, administer blood transfusions, access test results and more. This can all be done in a matter of seconds, anywhere inside the healthcare facility, providing the power to support virtually all point-of-care applications and meet patient safety goals without the introduction of additional paperwork. With its revolutionary image-based, data-capture technology, the MC75A0-HC EDA delivers unparalleled performance on every 1D and 2D bar code providing the ability to electronically capture and instantly transmit virtually any type of data from patient bedside right to hospital business systems. And with a 3.2 megapixel autofocus color camera, Motorola’s newest mobile healthcare solution enables easy capture of high-resolution photographs, video footage and documents to improve operational efficiencies and enhance clinical insight.
The new MC75A0-HC is built to withstand the rigors of the modern clinical environment, as its disinfectant-ready housing is designed to withstand regular exposure to the harsh cleaning agents commonly used in infection-control procedures to prevent the accidental spread of germs and diseases. Its design also incorporates blue-and-white coloring to complement other medical solutions at the point of care. In addition, the MC75A0-HC EDA incorporates Motorola MAX Rugged features to ensure reliable performance despite drops and spills often experienced in healthcare environments. With MIL-STD 810G and IEC specifications for drop, tumble and sealing, the device can withstand five foot drops to concrete and exposure to water and dust – reducing repair requirements and downtime and providing best-in-class total cost of ownership.
In addition, the MC75A0-HC incorporates government-grade security for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance – offering the most advanced set of security features available in this product class. Native Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms combine with virtual private networks to provide the compliance required for government-level applications.
The MC75A0-HC is equipped with a 3.5-inch color high definition VGA display with the latest LCD technology, allowing for easy viewing in any lighting and supporting display of high-resolution images including video and maps. And the ability to automatically switch between portrait and landscape display modes with a flick of the wrist provides additional real estate and easier viewing for more complex healthcare applications.
To further improve the quality of patient care, the MC75A0-HC also enables interoperability with different Motorola devices often already deployed throughout the organization for superior collaboration and increased productivity. Motorola Integrated Voice Solutions, including the TEAM Express voice client, deliver instant push-to-talk communications between the MC75A0-HC and other mobile devices to provide powerful and highly cost-effective one-to-one and one-to-many voice communications across workgroups, ensuring fast response times that can save lives and improve the patient experience.
Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) supports the MC75A0-HC with powerful centralized management. MSP allows healthcare organizations’ IT departments to remotely stage, provision, monitor and troubleshoot tens of thousands of devices in multiple locations, across an integrated healthcare delivery network, from one central location – ultimately reducing the costs associated with the day-to-day management of mobility. And with device-level intrusion protection solutions, extra layers of security protect hospital and patient data – both on the device and in transit to and from the MC75A0-HC and the hospital network.
Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Services help customers keep their MC75A0-HC devices up, running and in the hands of mobile users. To maximize device availability and uptime, Motorola recommends its expert management solution — Managed Device Service. Motorola’s multi-lingual help desk provides a first point of contact for users, and is manned by technicians who can take remote control of the MC75A0-HC to identify and resolve issues with minimal user involvement. To protect customers’ investments from the unexpected and to ensure they have the assurances required to continue to deliver top-quality patient care no matter the situation, Motorola also recommends Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage. This unique service goes beyond normal wear and tear to cover internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage and even select accessories that ship together with the MC75A0-HC for no additional charge -- delivering true business value.