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Modular Line

Modular Line

Made to Trade: The new Linde E5 Range

EuroShop 2002 has been selected by Linde AG as the exclusive premiere for the new Evolution Five (E5) range of Modular Line refrigerated merchandisers. More than the introduction of a new generation of models, this market launch signifies a major step forward in the product segment.

Evolution Five constitutes modern merchandiser technology for global application, progressive in design, economy and ecological aspects. With it, Linde meets the five main requirements placed by retail businesses on refrigerated display cases: forceful presentation, reliable temperature control, economical operation, environmental compatibility, and a high standard of hygiene coupled with ease of cleaning. The E5 Range covers a large and varied selection of normal- and low-temperature merchandisers designed to a modular system allowing extensive and flexible use on a common narrow platform. Typical models are:

-MIRADO refrigerated gondola, a very narrow low-profile
merchandising solution for open display of
high-grade products at active POS locations
-VANTIS frozen food combination (base and upright sections) in
modern all-glass construction
-VELANDO frozen food cabinet distinguished by unusual design
features such as black-printed
all-glass doors and deep black internal fittings
-IVANDO and IRIOS frozen food islands providing high
productivity per unit floor space with best possibile
merchandise visibility
-METHOS refrigerated multideck, a perfect all-round
merchandiser of very narrow front-to-back depth
-MONAXIS refrigerated multideck, already established on the
market, in the new NC no-canopy version as a completely new
merchandising solution that brings the displays into sharper