Modern Checkout Zone

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The selection of current checkout solutions is admittedly large. Retailers therefore don’t just need an innovative, but also individual solution that is customized to their needs and even to individual stores.


Interview with Ross Weszka, Head of Marketing at Bleep UK

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When it comes to designing a modern checkout zone, there are many things retailers have in mind to streamline the processes at the counter. One thing that is seldom considered is that especially in supermarkets, customers also have to pack up their purchases. Ross Weszka, Head of Marketing at Bleep UK, talks about how innovative solutions for bag dispensing help save time and what has to be considered when designing a modern checkout zone.


Interview with Marcel Mansfeld, CEO, pepperbill GmbH

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Retailers are always searching for new ways to enhance the customer's shopping experience. This includes the integration of gastronomic offerings - especially in supermarkets. And also here, the customer has to pay. Therefore, pepperbill has developed a holistic solution specifically designed for local businesses. In this interview, CEO Marcel Mansfeld explains what benefits a mobile checkout solution has for the user.