Mobile marketing on all channels

Reaching the mobile customer anywhere

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Similar to the “classic” forms of advertising, mobile marketing also offers a variety of options to reach the user. This includes the retailer’s own apps of course, advertising in external sponsored apps and on mobile websites as well as the increasingly utilized QR code, which routes the user to the store or directly to the product.


"Mobile is going to ensure itself a crucial share in the media mix"

Interview with Tom Rauhe, owner and founder of mobalo

© mobalo GmbH

This much is clear: mobile marketing offers retailers many advantages to address their customers more directly. But what is the best way to reach the mobile customer? Is it your own app or advertising in a mobile browser? EuroShop spoke with Tom Rauhe, owner and founder of mobalo, about site-specific advertising and the growing number of mobile options in the media mix.


"Brick-and-mortar retailers can influence the customer journey in their favor with cross-platform apps"

Interview with Professor Niklas Mahrdt, Media Economics Institute

© Media Economics Institut

What consequences do Smartphones and other mobile devices have on consumer behavior? Retailers today need to deal with this question. They need to look for new ways to reach the customer. For a recent study, Professor Niklas Mahrdt of the Media Economics Institute researched possible reactions of brick-and-mortar retail on the increasing mobile Internet usage at the POS. He talks about his findings on this subject in this interview.