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Mobile customer consulting at REWE Nüsken

Retail company REWE Nüsken responds to its customers increased demand for advice and information and creates product transparency on the shelf using attractive App solutions.
Retail customers want more. More variety, more quality, more service. And they often have mobile phones or other mobile devices. Why not combining these requirements and the fact that smartphones are in use?

REWE Nüsken , a model retailer in terms of individual and emotional customer sales aproach is rigorously following this path: Nüsken customers can now access a free programme for the iPhone which provides mobile information about the offered products.

With this, REWE Nüsken is meeting high standards of transparency and advisory services for its products. Customers are able to receive detailed information displayed on the iPhone about wines on offer, ingredients and specific product groups (in the current versionspices, more to come).

In collaboration with Online Software AG, REWE Nüsken has extended its existing installed PRESTIGEenterprise solution for his customers with this App. The App is available now for free.

"Thanks to the cross-media approach of PRESTIGEenterprise, our customers can receive additional information at any time and any place, just as they like or need it", says Karsten Nüsken, proprietor of REWE Nüsken. "This is the kind of customer service we want to offer."

The REWE Nüsken App, not just because it seems trendy at the moment but because it raises the quality of advisory services and gives the customer real added value regarding product transparency. The first customers are very enthusiastic. One reason more to regularly visit the REWE Nüsken branches, where a retailer is taking its responsibility seriously and providing information about what it offers.