Mobile Payment - Cell Phone Instead of Cash

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Mobile payment services offer the chance to make cashless payments in retail via Smartphone. Since these services promise a convenient and easy way to shop, their breakthrough has been predicted for some time now. This year is finally supposed to be the year: a nationwide introduction of mobile payment services is expected.

Cell Phone Instead of Cash – Mobile Payment on the Rise

Interview with Svenja Groß, E-Commerce-Center (ECC)

© E-Commerce-Center (ECC) am IFH Köln

Mobile payment solutions using smartphones and tablets have been said to stand before their breakthrough on the market for quite a time now. During 2013, the point shall be reached were they enter the mass market with force. In the interview with, Svenja Groß, Project Manager at the E-Commerce-Center (ECC) at IFH Köln, explains which solutions are in use at this time and which have the best chances to prevail on the market.

"In Germany, true mobile payment is still in its infancy"

Interview with Konstantin Wolff, CMO of payleven

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Even though Germany traditionally is considered the land, where people use cash to pay for things, paying by credit card is also becoming more and more popular here. At this point, almost half of all expenditures for merchandise and services are completed with alternative payment methods such as debit or credit cards. In our iXtenso interview, Konstantin Wolff, CMO of payleven, explains what benefits customers and retailers get through mobile card payment solutions and how he assesses the future of mobile commerce.

”The customer pays by credit card as usual, but is more mobile than ever before“