Burkhardt Leitner constructiv GmbH & Co. KG


“Metamorphoses” is the title bannering three new design principles, presented by Stuttgart company Burkhardt Leitner constructiv at EuroShop 2008 in Duesseldorf, for its constructiv PON architecture system. This leading maker of modular architecture systems is thus opening up a whole new dimension in temporary architecture and permanent metamorphism: spaces that tilt, defying the perpendicular in hairraising fashion; angle-free façades with interrupted geometries; deconstructively distorted buildings through to completely amorphous free forms. Systems were never so free.
As if that wasn' t enough, Burkhardt Leitner constructiv is partnering with Festo, the world - wide innovation leader in industrial and process automation, to literally bring movement to trade fair architecture. The tilting façade of the trade fair stand moves with a supple ,
flowing movement thanks to the “fluidic muscle” from Festo, a completely new kind of pneumatic drive which makes the bi-elastic fabric skin move rhythmically, like a body
breathing in and out .
This is made possible by t he innovative developments of t he constructiv PON family of
systems. The intelligent connector is made of precision - cast special steel. The bars are made of an extremely robust and flexible special aluminium alloy, which is what makes
the system so strong yet still very light. It can be used with integrated panels between 0.8mm and 12mm thick. Components are joined magnetically without tools, guaranteeing rapid assembly and dismantling.
constructiv PON 7.5 can be constructed either horizontally or vertically at an angl e of 7.5°, creating tilting spaces with sloping façades . With constructiv PON Sino, extremely high flexural stiffness combined with high elasticity mean that the precision tubes can be tautened and bent into completely amorphous free forms. With constructiv PON Flex, the
basic connect or has FlexMount connect or parts, permitting completely angle-free structures, such as angle-free façades with interrupted geometries.
With these innovative system developments, Burkhardt Leitner constructiv has set trade fair architecture free from the orthogonal principle and opened it up to the infinite metamorphoses of architectural design – architecture in a system, with a system.
P. S . New developments in Burkhardt Leitner constructiv’s other architecture systems will be shown on partner stands at EuroShop 2008.