Memory LCDs – electronic labels without power supply

New Memory LCDs from Sharp allow permanent image reproduction without permanent power supply.

EuroShop 2008, 23-27 February 2008 – At EuroShop, Sharp (Hall 6, Stand H45) will be using its newly developed Memory LCDs under real conditions as information signs for its exhibits.
The advantage they have over conventional LCDs is that the supplied image or text content remains visible for long periods even if the power supply is cut off. The new technology is based on special liquid crystals, which have two stable states. Even after the power supply is cut off, the position of these liquid crystal molecules remains the same thus ensuring that the information on the display also remains the same. This only changes when the display is activated with new screen content.
At less than 2.8 millimetres, the memory LCDs are also characterized by a very low mounting depth and are easily legible even in strong ambient light, thanks to their design. Reflector foils in different colours offer the opportunity to distinctively place colour accents. Currently five colours, blue, green, yellow, orange and red are available on request.
The new displays are thus predestined e.g. for shelf-labelling or generally speaking anywhere where image information is changed regularly but also needs to remain visible and unchanged for long periods of time without a permanent power supply being available. They could also be used for signs and door signs in conference hotels, offices and public buildings where display panel information needs to be changed regularly.

The initial line-up for the memory LCDs comprises three displays: 1.7-inch, 2.4-inch and 6.0-inch. Samples of the 1.7 inch and 2.4 inch Memory LCD are already available through the network of Sharp sales offices and distribution partners.