Materials of butchery and delicatessen

Dadaux is specialized in the production and the distribution of materials of butchery, delicatessen and farm-produce industry. We are now leader on the national market. The complete renewal of our stuffers, our meat mincers and our chop cutters reach a lever of "technical nature” and advanced finish thanks to our integrated research department.

We draw your attention to the high achievement of the new stuffer PHYTO which guarantees a perfect quality of stuffering with the adaptability of its use, and avoids the breaking of the natural entrails. It is ideal for the production of sausages, well-proportionel merguez sausages and enables to save a lot of time compared to the previous stuffers.

Moreover, the adjustment of the refrigerated meat mincer SETNA which, with the form its body and its propeller optimizes the quality of the chopping while preserving a perfect hygiene of the meat thanks to its complete refrigeration (body, stock, and window). Its twister forms the steaks and stops the machine at the required weight ( 5 calibres from 90 to 170g).
Finally, the chop cuter SLICO is used in all kinds of industries and the distributors of meat operate the best cut in the meat with or without bones, the fresh meat , the fish, the cooked meat, the delicatessen and the cheese. It enables to cut pork loins without following the bones and as a consequence, we can choose the knickness of the ribs. It also enables to make very thin slices as carpaccio.