Mart Cart by Assembled Products Corp.

Mart Cart Innovation for the environment

Press release for Scandinavia:

Assembled Products Corporation located in Rogers, Arkansas USA has developed a new model cart with focus on innovation, design and a concern for the environment. APC is the parent company for the original electric shopping cart the Mart Cart.

Mart Cart has engineered a 100% recyclable model, the “Green” Mart Cart. Every part of the cart is recyclable and PVC free. The efficiency of the Mart Cart’s motor allows high performance with use of a single battery. Only 36 watts of power are needed to operate the cart each hour, with 136.1 kg of payload. Mart Cart is currently the most efficient shopping cart on the market.

Ingar Taxt, Managing Director of Silmar AS, Mart Cart distributor for Scandinavia, says that Mart Cart is the best selling electric cart in the world. He states this is due to a sterling 25 year history of dependability, longevity, and durability.

The carts are in popular demand at shopping centers, large retail stores, Airports and Exhibition centers. Multiple user groups need assistance when shopping over long distances in ever expanding shopping areas. Everyone can use our carts and the response has been overwhelming from everyone enjoying the benefits of being able to shop and ride. They are of particular benefit to people with short term injuries, expectant young mothers, and the ageing population that often have difficulty getting around larger shopping areas.

The population of Europe is aging rapidly and this group which represents around 83 million people today is growing rapidly. Many of these people will need assistance to get around larger shopping areas in the future. It is important to provide solutions for these customers as they represent a large percentage of total consumers spending.

According to Mr. Taxt, Mart Carts provide freedom for many people to shop the larger stores that otherwise would not. Many choose to shop for longer or more effectively over longer distances.

As more shop owners have greater focus on their customers and the difficulties they often endure when shopping over long distances, carrying or pushing loads, they more and more welcome the benefits of our solution. Our Carts drive profits up, create customer loyalty and provide enhanced customer care.

Mart Carts are ideal for large retail stores, shopping centers, airports, exhibition centers and many other applications.
You can visit us and see the leading solution on the market for shoppers transportation needs.

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