Mart Cart by Assembled Products Corp.

Mart Cart Has Done it Again!

Mart Cart has done it again!

Assembled Products Corporation located in Rogers, Arkansas USA has done it again with innovation, design and a concern for the environment. APC is the parent company for the original electric shopping cart the Mart Cart.

Mart Cart has now engineered a 100% recyclable “Green” cart, the Mart Cart63. This is the first and only “Green” cart in the industry. Every part of this cart is recyclable with no PVC on the cart. Because of the efficiency of the Mart Cart’s power plant, it needs only 1 battery. An example of Mart Cart’s efficiency is that it uses only 36 watts of power to operate the cart each hour, with 300 lbs/136.1 kg of cargo. MC63 is by far the most efficient cart on the market.

Kent Langum, the Vice President of International Sales, says that Mart Cart is the best selling electric cart in the world. He states this is due to a sterling 25 year history of dependability, longevity, and durability.

The population of Europe is aging rapidly, with over 17% or 83,000,000 people currently 65 and over. By year 2015, the 65+ population will be over 20%. These people will need assistance shopping, and they have funds to spend.

Not only do the elderly use Mart Carts but, so do people with injuries, expectant mothers, people with heart and back problems, and many more that need assistance for various reasons.

According to Mr. Langum, Mart Carts provide freedom for people to shop that normally could not. These people currently are staying home because they do not have the means to maneuver once they get to the store. So, most shop owners never see these people. If shop owners could only see the missing review they would purchase Mart Carts. Mart Cart drives profits and creates loyal customers.

Mart Carts in stores shows the community that the storeowners care.

Mart Carts are perfect for supermarkets, shopping centers, airports and many other applications.

You can see the world’s best electric shopping cart “Mart Cart” and take a ride, by coming to their stand 15 G 36 at Euro Shop.