Market Collection

JBG Ltd. is a producer of refrigeration and freezing equipment since 1989.
JBG's wide range of products includes: counters, cabinets and cupboards in both: refrigerator and freezer versions. We have also very good developed production of refrigeration chambers and panels.
Our new product line contains equipment for large markets - it means big cabinets, and counters as well as island freezers (display cases) designed for external cooling units.
We produce the equipment in 2,5m and 3,75m modules, and all of them are designed for connecting in long series.
Our new counter for display "LHOTSE" may be composed according to the customers wish.

The market collection includes following equipment :

EVEREST: freezer island ( display case)
ANDY, ALPY: narrow display cabinets
LHOTSE: counter
KAUKAZ, URAL: big classic cabinets

Most of the above mentioned equipment will be presented on our stand D69 in hall No 16.