Make quality visible: Bizerba present the most modern TTI labels at Euroshop - Intelligent packaging guarantees transparency from manufacture to consumer- sector talk on 26th February

Düsseldorf / Balingen, 18th February 2008 - The days of rotten meat and food scandals could soon be coming to an end. At the specialist trade fair Euroshop from 23rd to 27th February in Düsseldorf, the technology manufacturer Bizerba located in Balingen and Bochum will demonstrate the use of the most modern TTI labels called OnVu, which were developed together with Ciba Speciality Chemicals and FreshPoint. The system allows a freshness check for the end user, but also for those involved in the production and/or supply chain.

With the time / temperature indicator (TTI) it is guaranteed that freshness and transparency is controlled from production right up to the consumer. The TTI label with a particular print colour which signals the freshness of the product will be placed as an additional label on every sales package. The level of decolouring of this label shows whether the goods can be completely or just well enjoyed or if it is already rotten. Therefore the indicator decolours faster, the further the product varies from the ideal storage conditions and therefore describes the individual level of freshness of every product.

The biggest advantage over already used or tested physical, biological or electronic labels is the use of a substance which changes its chemical structure if energy is supplied in the form of UV radiation. This substance is initially colourless, but then turns blue. The reaction is reversed and the original colourlessness is restored. This effect is accelerated in increasing temperatures, and so a basic TTI characteristic is given. In addition the substance is not toxic and can be used in direct contact with food. With the Swiss print colour manufacturer Ciba it was possible to integrate this substance into the colour. The Bizerba subsidiary company P+ E in Bochum finally managed, together with the patent owner FreshPoint, to bring the new indicator onto the market.

A further plus of the presented TTI solution under the brand name of OnVu is that the label can be applied in just one printing process, whereby time and costs are saved. Also it does not need special storage conditions like other systems, because the label does not activate itself irreversibly. It can be charged up using a UV light source and can be repeated as many times as needed. In order to avoid misuse a UV filter is attached. Easily understandable pictograms explain the function to the end user.

A previously defined rotting curve of the relevant product describes the duration of freshness and/or the period before it is spoiled at different temperatures. The TTI reproduces this curve by the feature of re-decolouring. By means of various intensities of UV radiation the label will be charged up, and the discharging will be precisely defined so that almost all fresh products can be labelled. „In this way the consumer can see for himself that he is being offered well conditioned goods,“ explains Matthias Harsch, manager of OnVu development. This will also mean that customers regain their trust in food providers. But also in the supply chain TTI facilitates handling because it allows the elimination of rotten food even before the suppliers accept it, so that costs and unnecessary problems are avoided because by using TTI incorrect cooling can be detected immediately. In addition due to the various colourings the delivered goods can be sorted by freshness grades, and goods which are at the end of their life cycle can be sold cheaper. Without TTI there would be a financial total loss for these products. As the state TTI label is scanned at the counter, the status of the goods will be documented, and dealing with complaints will therefore be easier. In case of a dispute the trader can back himself up with the label, which shows that the goods left his shop unspoiled and that possible damages can be attributed to inappropriate cooling or storage. Harsch expects that TTI will soon become standard.

Bizerba offers a sector talk with further information about the subject at Euroshop on Tuesday 26th February at 17.00: under the title "TTI – make quality visible" Martin Angehrn from Ciba and Marc Büttgenbach from Bizerba-sales management will discuss this topic. The trade fair stand at Euroshop is in hall 6, stand C45.

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